Optimum Health Store

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A new online health store has been launched.

Optimum Health StoreThe Optimum Health Store, which is partnered with a leading UK supplier who shares the same enthusiasm for quality alkalising health products, supplies to thousands of people in the UK and across Europe, offering FREE DELIVERY throughout their range of products. It’s not just supplying quality products, but delivering them with a caring approach. The products on the Optimum Health Store website are proven and innovative, with emphasis always based on the effectiveness of the product.

The website features products from leading suppliers such as:

Biocera – With their very popular Alkaline Water Jug Filter.

Vibrant Health – Including the award winning Green Vibrance Powder, and their latest complete meal replacement Maximum Vibrance.

Omega Nutrition – The Original Flax Seed Oil Company, offering a wide range of quality organic oils.

Energy Plus Water FilterThe Optimum Health Store also supply an under-sink filtered water solution, the Energy Plus Water Filter.  It’s a cost-effective way to having healthy alkaline filtered water on tap.  The Energy Plus Water Filter has 4 filters, each providing different things, for example removing unwanted contaminants such as Chlorine, bacteria, heavy metals etc.  The resulting water is alkaline rich, the healthiest way to drink water.  The package includes a quality choice of taps, and any DIY enthusiast can install it within an hour or so.  It requires no electricity or storage tank, and hooks up to your existing cold water feed.

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Windows 8 Start Button

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With new computers and laptops, the suppliers have been shipping them with Windows 8 installed.  For touch screens and Windows based mobile phones, Windows 8 is really good.  But for many people it seems confusing with the new metro start screen.  Wouldn’t it be good to have the choice of a traditional desktop and start button?

The good news is that it is actually possible.  With a few tweaks you can get your Windows 8 system booting up to a traditional desktop, complete with start menu to access your programs, just like in Windows 7 and XP.

BeforeEven though you can show a desktop in Windows 8, before the tweaks, this is how your screen would be. Notice that the start button is missing.  Many users find this confusing, especially those who have been used to Windows 7 and XP.

AfterThis is how your screen would look after our tweaks.  You now have your traditional start button back, with all the usual options, with access to your programs, control panel, etc.

About Gray Wood

Owner of Malicatech.com and skilled in website design, SEO, computer diagnostics, computer and laptop repairs, virus removal.

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