Help Juli Morgan Get to Music School

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Juli Morgan, a hard working single mum with 2 young daughters, is trying to pursue her dream of going to music school in Boston to study guitar.  It sounds simple enough, until you work out the actual costs of doing this.  Not just the fees for the tuition, but the day to day living costs for not only Juli, but her 2 young children.

I first stumbled upon Juli Morgan whilst browsing Youtube looking for different renditions of a song I was learning, “Comfortably Numb” by Pink Floyd.  Juli, an accomplished guitarist and musician, has produced her own version of the song and I found her lead breaks to the song on Youtube.  Many people can play the guitar parts, but without feeling the song is lacking.  I was blown away by the way Juli plays, with true feeling and also adding her own unique style.

I believe the world would be a lesser place without people like Juli.  Her commitment to her girls, her dedication to her music, are an example to us all.  If she can back to school, get her qualifications, she has a lot to offer in teaching aspiring musicians.

If anyone knows of scholarships which could help Juli, we want to know.  If you would like to make a donation to help send Juli and her girls on their way, there is a process to do just that here:

You can also visit Juli’s own website for more information about herself and her music: Juli Morgan Music

Optimum Health Store

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A new online health store has been launched.

Optimum Health StoreThe Optimum Health Store, which is partnered with a leading UK supplier who shares the same enthusiasm for quality alkalising health products, supplies to thousands of people in the UK and across Europe, offering FREE DELIVERY throughout their range of products. It’s not just supplying quality products, but delivering them with a caring approach. The products on the Optimum Health Store website are proven and innovative, with emphasis always based on the effectiveness of the product.

The website features products from leading suppliers such as:

Biocera – With their very popular Alkaline Water Jug Filter.

Vibrant Health – Including the award winning Green Vibrance Powder, and their latest complete meal replacement Maximum Vibrance.

Omega Nutrition – The Original Flax Seed Oil Company, offering a wide range of quality organic oils.

Energy Plus Water FilterThe Optimum Health Store also supply an under-sink filtered water solution, the Energy Plus Water Filter.  It’s a cost-effective way to having healthy alkaline filtered water on tap.  The Energy Plus Water Filter has 4 filters, each providing different things, for example removing unwanted contaminants such as Chlorine, bacteria, heavy metals etc.  The resulting water is alkaline rich, the healthiest way to drink water.  The package includes a quality choice of taps, and any DIY enthusiast can install it within an hour or so.  It requires no electricity or storage tank, and hooks up to your existing cold water feed.

Windows 8 Start Button

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With new computers and laptops, the suppliers have been shipping them with Windows 8 installed.  For touch screens and Windows based mobile phones, Windows 8 is really good.  But for many people it seems confusing with the new metro start screen.  Wouldn’t it be good to have the choice of a traditional desktop and start button?

The good news is that it is actually possible.  With a few tweaks you can get your Windows 8 system booting up to a traditional desktop, complete with start menu to access your programs, just like in Windows 7 and XP.

BeforeEven though you can show a desktop in Windows 8, before the tweaks, this is how your screen would be. Notice that the start button is missing.  Many users find this confusing, especially those who have been used to Windows 7 and XP.

AfterThis is how your screen would look after our tweaks.  You now have your traditional start button back, with all the usual options, with access to your programs, control panel, etc.

Curcumin Information

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curcuminA new information website dedicated to Curcumin has just been published.  Many people have used curcumin (from turmeric) as a food additive, very often in curry dishes for it’s yellow colouring.  But it’s amazing how many healing properties this humble natural herb has.

The website gives us an insight into the history of curcumin, explaining where it was discovered and how it was used throughout many centuries.

Also explained is how in modern day, in concentrated doses, it has amazing healing abilities for a whole list of ailments.

You can view the Curcumin Information website here:

Orihuela Costa Property Guide

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Orihuela Costa Property GuideWe have just finished designing a new website called Orihuela Costa Property Guide.  The website is a property listing portal, and is an extension of the already established Orihuela Costa Information Directory, which was built by Graham Wood back in 2008.

This website is fully responsive, so works well on all screens from full size desktops to mobile phones.

Slow Browsing – Slow Internet

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Slow InternetDoes your computer or laptop seem to take forever to open a web page?  Your browser has probably got cluttered with helper objects over time.  When you try to open a web page, these helper objects have to load up each time.  Sometimes they become corrupt, or have not been uninstalled properly.  The browser has to wait for these helper objects to load or time out before it can display the web page.

Also, the browser usually uses a cache to store temporary files.  This cache can become huge, and also fragmented.  This causes excessive long periods in waiting for pages to load.

Don’t worry, things can be fixed.  We can sort all these things out, making your computer or laptop seem like it was new again, with web pages opening blindingly fast.

The Malicatech Audi TT

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Gray Wood, proprietor of, has had new signs applied to his Audi TT advertising the company’s services.


Fully Responsive Website

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The website is now fully responsive.  The original design, which looked great on a full-size monitor, was difficult to navigate on a device with a smaller screen, like a mobile phone for example.

Now that I’ve made it responsive, the website dynamically adjusts to fit into any display on all devices.  This is accomplished by setting presets in the style css file.  When viewed on a mobile device, there is no room to dispay a full horizontal menu.  So the website generates a select drop-down menu instead.  It can now be viewed comfortably on a full-size monitor, a laptop, a tablet, and a mobile phone.

Responsive Layout

Virus Removal and Optimisation Offer

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For a limited time, to launch our Barnt Green presence, we are offering a full computer or laptop check.

Computer Optimisation ServiceIncluded is our optimisation service, which removes unwanted browser helper objects (BHO’s) to speed up internet browsing.  Also any virus or malware will be properly removed, ensuring maximum security on your device.  Temporary files removed, handing back valuable disk storage space.  Various tweaks to speed up performance.  All of our customers say their computers and laptops never ran so fast after our optimisation service.

Limited Offer Price: £ 40.00

Replacement Laptop Screen

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Broken, Cracked or Damaged Screens

broken laptop screenHave you damaged your laptop or notebook screen?  Replacing the screen is not as expensive as you might imagine.  A typical 15 inch screen costs as little as £50.00 with a standard fitting charge of £30.00.

Hosting, Domain and Single Webpage Offer

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Don’t miss out on this amazing offer:

1 year hosting package, including a .com domain name of your choice, with a single web page promoting you or your business for just £60.00.

This offer is to celebrate the launch of our new website.  Don’t miss out, contact us today.

Hosting and Domain Offer

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Special offer for a limited period:

1 year hosting package and a .com domain name of your choice, for just £30.00.

This offer is to celebrate the launch of our new website.  So take advantage of this offer quickly! New Website

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Welcome to the new website. It’s been several years since the last major update on our site. Hoping you all like the new look.

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