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Ever wondered why your computer has seemed to get slugish? Or why popups randomly appear, often opening up to an offensive website?

virus and malware removalYou have most likely become a victim of malware. This can be in the form of trojan virus, or lately the more serious rootkit viruses. These are invisible to the operating system, and can sometimes prove very difficult to find and remove. Most users will end up reformatting their harddrive and reinstalling the operating system. However, with our expertise, we can remove these rootkits, and give good advise on how to avoid them in the future.

Whilst some forms of malware can be simply annoying, many of todays virus and trojans collect personal data from your computer and send this information back to a recipient who can use this data in any way they see fit.  Other malware will inform you that your computer is infected and try to get you to buy rogue antivirus software.

We can remove any of these viruses or trojans, even where others have failed.  Many so-called experts will simply advise you that you need to reinstall the operating system.  But this results in losing all your settings, having to reinstall all of your applications, starting from scratch again.  At Malicatech, we work differently.  Unless the hard drive is physically damaged, we guarantee to remove any malware completely, whilst retaining your data, personal settings and applications.

Customer Review

“ Graham is the only person i will let fix my computer, fast and always there to help, never fails to one out there....”

Stuart, Mid Wales.

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